About me

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. All through secondary school, college, and adulthood I have pursued working as an artist. Even when my path in life diverted me elsewhere, I returned to creative endeavors as soon as I could. Making beautiful things is my therapy; I hope that others find enjoyment in my creations.

I consider my art style to be mostly realistic, with a bit of whimsy/magic/storytelling thrown in if I think it works. Some of my pictures are straight on representations of what is in front of me, while others delve into themes from history, mythology, and literature. I’ve been exploring Greek mythology lately and learning about the characters and stories that wove through the ancient world. My love of nature and the outdoors finds a place in many of my artworks.

I currently work in watercolor, acrylic, oil, mixed media, and fiber/art quilting. I also enjoy wildlife photography and digital imaging, and I am dipping my toes into astrophotography, guitar, and creative writing. My husband and I love to travel and engage in new experiences. Life is a journey (I know, how cliché, but really!) and I intend to stop and create at every interesting point along the way.

Renee Stewart
At Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
My first visit to Cocoa Beach, circa 1964
Out fishing with my family
My husband and I in Las Vegas, Nevada